Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Brief ~ Geologist Daniel Barringer on StarDate

StarDate, a daily two minute radio program produced by the University of Texas' McDonald Observatory, is an example of promoting scientific interest and literacy at its best. The science in question is astronomy. Well, not exclusively. The program for today, May 25, 2010, focuses on geologist Daniel Barringer and brings geology and astronomy together with a bang. In the early 20th Century, Barringer, theorizing that an area outside Flagstaff, Arizona, was the site of a meteorite impact, spent his fortune trying to find and mine the iron he assumed was buried under the crater. This site is now popularly known as Meteor Crater, though the scientific community has renamed it Barringer Crater.

StarDate is heard on NPR stations. The script for the May 25th show can be found here and the podcast will be available beginning May 26th (stardate.org) after the show is broadcast.

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