Wednesday, March 25, 2009

FINALLY!! – The Paleontological Resources Preservation Legislation Has Cleared the Congress

On Wednesday, March 25, 2009, by a vote of 285 to 140, the House passed H.R. 146, which includes the Paleontological Resources Preservation legislation. It now goes on to the President for his signature. It was a long struggle, providing new insight into the amazing labyrinth that is the legislative process, and into the willingness of partisans in political battles to stretch the truth and stoke fears.

Background on this legislation is provided in previous posts on this blog. Recent legislative action is highlighted in the column on the right.

This process will not be over when the President signs the bill. The provisions will go into an implementation stage. I hope that, when the Executive Branch writes regulations or develops policies to implement the legislation, substantial attention will be paid to ensuring that anyone coming onto Federal land is fully informed about what he or she may and may not do with fossils on that public land.

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